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Champion of Champions

Round 1
By 20th May
Doug Spear
Matthew Wilde
Mathew Vale
D. J. Williams
Dave Hill
Mike Dick
Wyn Farr
Paul Roberts
Round 2
By 3rd June
Mathew Vale
Colin White
Martin Harley
C. Murphy
Paul Sizer
I. Bartlett
Ashley Naylor
J. K. Evans
Paul Rees
William Tait
M. Williams
Peter Goring
Paul Trueman
Tony Gregg
Daniel Davies Jnr.
Mike Heart
Neil James
John Davidge
M. Stevens
Mathew Davies
J. Larke
Rob Jenkins
Will Ford
Aaron Griffiths
Doug Knight
Peter Jones
Barry Sansom
Anthony Clark
Andrew Elias
Round 3
By 17th June
Ashley Naylor
Daniel Davies Jnr.
Barry Sansom
By 1st July
On 10th July
On 28th July