M.B.A. & W.B.A. Vacancies

The Monmouthshire B.A. and Welsh B.A. are currently looking to fill the following vacancies for next season :-

M.B.A. Vacancies

  • M.B.A. Match Secretary
  • 2x M.B.A. Championship Selectors
  • M.B.A. Over 60s Championship Team Manager
  • 2x M.B.A. Over 60s Championship Selectors
  • W.B.A. Council Member

Please Contact Mr.Paul Watkins, M.B.A. Secretary, if interested in any of the above M.B.A. positions.

W.B.A. Vacancies

  • 2x W.B.A. Selectors

Please Contact Mr. Terry Hopkins, W.B.A. Secretary, if interested in the W.B.A. positions.