M.B.A. Cup Success for Crosskeys B.C.

The cup came to a conclusion last night and many congratulations are due to our President Dave Willing and his club who have supported him throughout his year in office. Again they did him proud and a great evening enjoyed by all who were there.

On the green Crosskeys controlled most of the match setting up what looked like an unassailable lead but the Beaufort team dug in and with one end left on each rink had reduced the lead to just four shots.

The first rink to finish saw Daniel Davies Jnr.'s rink pick up a three to reduce the lead to one, then Danny Davies had one to make it all square before Roger Jones also picked up a one to give Beaufort the lead by one.

All looked doom and gloom for the keys with Chris Klefenz holding game when out of the gloom shone the Summer, Dai Summers that is, with the last bowl of the match he rolled the Beaufort shot bowl out of the head and tickled the jack to make three shots and take the cup back to the Mecca.

Well done to everyone who played a part in this thrilling final.

Peter Williams
M.B.A. League Secretary