M.B.A. President 2015 - Roger Strong - Pontyfelin.B.C.

Patron Graham, officers and fellow bowlers.

When I first started bowling 1982 I never thought that one day I would have the honor and privilege to hold the office of President of this splendid Association. When I started I was fortunate to be mentored by legends of the M.B.A. namely Reg Vallis and J.R. Williams. Their support and encouragement led to my appointment as Secretary of the association in 1994, and for that support I will be grateful

I would like to thank both my club and the Eastern Valley Bowling Association for my nomination for this post and their assured support for my year of office.

Last year President Paul Watkins conducted himself in a very professional manner and was an excellent ambassador for Monmouthshire Bowling Association.

I congratulate Billy Martin on his appointment as Senior Vice President. I have payed with and against Billy for many years and I Look forward to his support and friendship during our terms of office. Unfortunately at our A.G.M. the post of Junior Vice President was not filled. However we aim to resolve that matter at the earliest opportunity.

This year we are likely to see plans for continued change to the management of a number of bowling greens and this matter will require a collective and structured approach to negotiations with the various local authorities. I can assure all clubs involved that they will receive the full support of the association.

Last year, League Secretary Viv Parker sadly passed away and his post has been filled by Alan Bradford. I wish Alan every success in his work for the association and I would also like to extend the same success to the team managers and selectors in their efforts to gain victories in all competitions.

You will be aware that I have not had the opportunity to server as Junior or Senior Vice President and therefore I have not been able to observe first-hand the skills of our valued Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Competition Secretary but as a grass roots bowler I am aware of their commitment to the roles they undertake. It is my intention to ensure that the governance of bowls in this country is conducted in the extremely efficient and professional manner that you all rightly expect and demand.

Whilst you enjoy this wonderful sport please be mindful of the future, if you all try to introduce one new member to your club then our immediate future will be assured.

Finally I would like to wish you all good health for the coming season and I hope you achieve your individual and inited aims for the season ahead.

Roger Strong - President
M.B.A. President 2015
Roger Strong - Pontyfelin.B.C.